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Three Things You Must Know Before You Meet With A Product Designer

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Ah, yes. The moment of truth. You have your invention idea on paper. Your sketches are basic but now you are entering that phase where things are starting to get a tad on the serious side.

Patent product development requires time spent with a product designer. But before you get anywhere near one, you need to know a few things to keep you and the designer on track.

1. Product Design Is Not Easy, It Is Challenging

  • The product designer is not a miracle worker. You have to have some sketches in hand and have a clear idea of what your invention will look like. This includes all the necessary details related to the finished product.

  • The product designer will work with you to help create the look of your invention and will have your needs as their top priority.

However, your invention has to be something useful. You are seeking a patent for a product that is supposed to serve some kind of utilitarian purpose. This has to be your main focus long before you walk into the office of a product designer for their assistance.

2. Your Design Has To Be Reality Based

  • In addition to being useful, your invention has to focus on function over features. This means that as cool as it may be to include a few bells and whistles, the bells and whistles will have no use if the rest of the design you are shooting for is mostly flashy with little in the way of actual use.

  • A product designer will help you sort this out but you need to listen to their advice. This isn’t the first design they have ever made for a patent.

An experienced product designer is going to have some great ideas to help guide your product into the patent arena.

3. Remember That The Product Designer Is Trying To Help

  • So what if the final design is not even close to your original invention concept? Well, that could be the best thing to happen to your invention. Product designers have extensive experience in their field. They know that often the best design is a simple design. They also know that a simple design with innovation is a good path to follow.

You have to trust the work being done as helping you to get closer to that coveted patent as opposed to building roadblocks that you feel are bogging down your project. Trust the process.

Patent Product Development Includes A Good Design

New inventors get us excited about our work and that’s why we enjoy being around them so much. New ideas from new inventors remind us of what it was like when we first started the process ourselves.

That is why we are so eager to share our knowledge and help you get through the steps necessary to your patent. Because we have been there, we have devised a methodology that will ensure you are properly guided through the entire process. Call us today at (305) 521-9080 for details.

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