5 Reasons Why You Need a Patent Search

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

So you’ve finally finished the preliminary sketches on your new invention. You’ve done a general online search and as far as you can tell your do-dad is the first one of its kind.

However, there’s more to patent product development. Patent product development includes having a patent search done before you head over to your local patent office.

Here’s the top five reasons why you should do a patent search:

1. There Is No Such Thing As New

Did you know that there are already several million published patents in existence? The math alone points to a very real possibility that someone has already submitted a patent that contains an element or two or three that is the same or extremely similar to your invention.

No, these people did not steal your idea. What happened is that you idea happens to be a lot like theirs. Don’t let that discourage you because you can still get a patent if your invention has a new aspect to it that does not exist in those similar inventions.

2. It Will Allow You To Focus

Sure, let’s say there happen to be a number of patents out there that appear a lot like your invention. This is actually a good thing as it gives you the information you need to see what competitors have created.

If your invention is essentially an improvement of one existing one, you can pour your attention into the enhancement. A patent search gives you that data and is far better than finding out too late that the similarities are too close to warrant a new patent.

3. Because Patent Attorneys Don’t Do Them

Patent Attorneys typically do not perform patent searches. The reason for this is that should your invention end up matching results from the patent search conducted by a Patent Attorney, it pretty much means you won’t be hiring them to continue to file the paperwork.

That’s time out of their day with no pay. Filing without a search costs you money that may result in the patent being rejected. Searching before seeing a Patent Attorney prevents this from happening.

4. To Determine The Patent Landscape

Again, you may think your invention is the best thing since sliced bread, but you won’t really have a clue about that without first conducting a search. The results of a well conducted patent search may reveal a vast number of inventions that are variations of yours that already cover the gamut.

By having a patent search you can decide whether or not to continue on the path you have been following or should you head back to the drawing board.

The search will save you a ton of effort that could be used on a different invention or idea not even related to the one your searched with.

5. It Improves You Chances

Just like taking a test without studying, when you seek a patent without first doing all the necessary homework, you can appear unprepared.

To save yourself the trouble of failing at first by cutting corners in an effort to speed up the process, you really do need to follow the steps required to get to the patent phase. This is something you cannot fast track whatsoever.


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