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3 Reasons Why You Need SolidWorks As Part of Your Product Design Process

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In case you’ve never heard of it before, SolidWorks is an amazing computer program that will not only save you time and money in the product design process, it will help you to produce quality designs. SolidWorks is a solid modeling CAD (computer-aided design) and CAE (computer-aided engineering) software.

It works with Microsoft Windows and is the choice of over 2-million designers and engineers at 165,000+ companies. It is the CAD/CAE program any inventor must strive to use when developing a product.

Here are three reasons why you need SolidWorks in your product design process:

1. Iterative Ability

  • This will come in handy at any point along your design process but is particularly valuable when you are about to do some prototyping. That’s because SolidWorks allows you to tweak your design as often as you must and even when doing so on the fly.

  • Sure, you could stick with the 2D programs you may be used to using like AutoCAD but here’s the real difference. With SolidWorks you can alter now and have that alteration live right now.

  • With 2D software programs you can make changes, no problem. Only they require extensive reworking and long lead times. It’s the comparison between ‘right now’ and ‘not for a little while.’

2. Commonality

We already touched on this briefly. SolidWorks is pretty much the standard used by all major designers and engineers. What that means is that your files can be forwarded to wherever they need to be forwarded and they will be understood by another computer somewhere else with SolidWorks loaded.

  • Nothing slows down the product development process like firing off a file that either can’t be read or can’t be opened by the OS being used at the receiving end. It’s a lot like the comparison between Mac and PC, Beta and DVD, analog and digital.

Have we made our point here? When you use SolidWorks your 3D files will be usable.

3. Versatility

Let’s take a deeper look into the actual mechanics of SolidWorks. Nothing comes close to the nimble design of this software.

  • You can do photo realistic renderings, mold flow simulation, CAD drawings and more. There’s finite element and tolerance stacking analysis plus wire routing planning.

  • If that sounds rather foreign to you at this point, just keep in mind that SolidWorks gives you the ability to perform numerous peripheral engineering tasks that could prove to be crucial further down the process timeline.

In other words, inventions look better and stand a better chance of becoming your new business with SolidWorks.



If your product could benefit from development assistance with SolidWorks, we can help. Even if all you require is information related to the development process. Call us today at (305) 521-9080.

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